Mauritius Has Been Elected As Best Destination in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius also ranks at the top of the platform for what is the best beach destination in the Indian Ocean. Likewise, with distinctions in this field, besides the Indian Ocean Leading Family Resort Award won by Maradiva Villas Resort, Air Mauritius, the national airline has also won the Leading Indian Ocean Airline award, while Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport was awarded the Indian Ocean’s Leading Airport.

More than 183,000 professionals in the tourism industry, namely travel agents, tour operators and tourism organizations voted for the Mauritius destination, consequently the country elected best tourist destination. It is the representative of the Mauritius Tourism and Promotion Authority (MTPA) in South Africa who received the trophy on behalf of the MTPA, at Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg. The ceremony was attended by several personalities from the tourism industry, including various representatives of different airlines and that of Air Mauritius among others. Mauritius was preferred ahead of Maldives and Seychelles both in terms of the quality of the tourist destination as well as its beaches. These awards highlight the initiatives and the promotional image campaign conducted by the MTPA.

According to MTPA, from January to May 2010, the growth in tourist arrivals in South Africa was 6.7%. The organization pointed out that Mauritius is conducting several activities in this market, including South Africa-season Escape to attract South Africans, but also international visitors, who wanted to escape the big crowds, stress and the high prices of life during the 2010 World Cup. In order to attract more South African tourists to the destination of Mauritius, the MTPA provides other kinds of campaigns, including the project of co-branding with Maurice Kurland International Polo Test which is to be held in December 2010.

Combining these distinctions in the Mauritian population as a whole, but also professionals in the field, the director of the MTPA explains that it is a reward that comes to give them more ambition to make the new terms of promotional activities that we will soon lead in five European countries, including England, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. For the MTPA, the prestige operations used to position Mauritius as a leading destination while accelerating growth.

Air Mauritius was also honored at the 17th Annual World Travel Awards, Africa and Indian Ocean. The national airline has indeed found again awarded the top Indian Ocean Leading Airline Award. It outclasses other nominees for this award including Air France, South African Airways, Air Seychelles, Air Madagascar and Air Austral. The trophy was presented by the Vice-President of the World Travel Awards to the Sales Executive Vice President of Air Mauritius.

Finally in her speech, the Executive Vice President of World Travel Awards was on behalf of World Travel Awards to congratulate Air Mauritius on being named Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline 2010.

Best Destinations For a Cruise in This Summer 2010

Choosing a destination for a cruise in this summer 2010 can be very hard and confusing. The world is filled with so many beautiful places, and you could have chosen to travel round the world if budget is not a consideration. Of course, there is a world cruise that takes you to all the most beautiful places around the world. This is not the option for everybody, though, because a world cruise tour can break the bank and can take several months to completion.

If you are confused about which destination to choose for your cruise in this summer 2010, here is the much needed information you need to make the appropriate choice:

• The Mediterranean Cruise – the Mediterranean area is the perfect cruise for history, art and architecture aficionados. You get to visit the center of the Renaissance, such as Venice, Florence, Spain, Rome and Turkey. Nothing beats seeing the historical art and monuments you see in the flesh. The Mediterranean boasts a rich culinary background, too.

• Alaskan Cruise – Alaska is truly the land of extremes. It offers the most splendid natural scenery, icy climate and wildlife all infused into one. Alaska continues to mesmerize its tourists, a place most people dream of visiting again and again.

• Caribbean Cruise – for beach lovers, the Caribbean Cruise is your best choice. Visit the exotic islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, and more. Get captivated by the spectacular Caribbean beaches, with its clear aqua waters, fine white sand and ample sunshine. First time cruisers especially are recommended to try a Caribbean cruise in this summer 2010.

• Antarctica Cruise – not many people see Antarctica as a summer destination, but why not give this place a try to see the beauty of its nature, through its glaciers and icebergs? Witness the penguins in their natural habitat, among other creatures like polar bears, sea lions and whales. A cruise to Antarctica can be quite expensive, and ceases operation during months March to September.

• Disney Cruises – Kids will love this family oriented cruise line! Families will have their most memorable moments in here, interacting with their favorite Disney characters. There are youth clubs for children to join, age appropriate programs from kids 3 months to 17 years old! Adults can have their own fun to, for they can join lounges and night clubs or rejuvenate at Disney’s state of the art spa and fitness facilities.

• French Polynesian Cruises – Honeymooners who want peace and privacy will love the French Polynesian islands. You get to visit islands like Bora Bora, Tahiti, Papeete and Moorea. The cruise experience is more mellow, less crowded and much more intimate. You can enjoy fun activities like fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

• Hawaiian Cruises – Another popular destination is Hawaiian cruises. You get to visit the islands such as Kauai and Maui, and experience the total Hawaiian culture and the charming Hawaiian people. Visit their beautiful reefs, black sand beaches, and experience the bohemian lifestyle in Hawaii. On board, you interact with traditional Hawaiian parties and celebrations, like luaus. The best thing is, Hawaiian cruises are generally less expensive as compared to other cruises.

Getting The Best Destination Wedding Getaway

It is a special day in the life of two people, this is the day that two people make the decision to get married and become one. During this tie, there are a lot of different aspects that needs to be looked at; one of these is the destination wedding getaway that these two people will make the decision to use.

There are several ideas that are able to be used when it comes to these getting the best results from the honeymoon. There is the classic one of a couple heading off to a beach resort. While this is a little overdone, it is time to spice things up.

Make an idea to head to a cruise ship and book a cruise for the blessed event, this is able to be done for a reasonable price if you book in advance and as a result there will also be a newlywed discount as well. This is one of the ideas that seems to be gaining speed in the past few years, the more that this is done, then the more popular that this is.

Skiing is one of the more exciting adventure sports that are around these days. This allows a couple to be together in the fact that they will be racing down the hill of love to reach the bottom to celebrate their new life together.

Have you ever thought about a romantic vacation in one of the European countries, and then this is an ideal place to head when it comes to getting the best results for the efforts that you place into this event. The more that you plan, and then the better the overall vacation will be. This is why there is such a rush on these vacations in the wedding season.

Head to a romantic castle for the getaway of a lifetime, it is here that you will find yourself in a position that you will be able to enjoy the time of your life when heading to this area for a vacation. This is the ultimate sign of two people that love one another.

The ultimate wedding destination will be one of the more interesting things for a person to see on a regular basis, this is something that will need to be looked at carefully to get the results that only two people truly in love are able to have and enjoy, make the most out of the trip.

Travel the World’s Best Destinations

The top places for travel around the world used to be fairly standard. In fact, most people couldn’t afford to travel much, if at all. If traveling was possible, it was usually done in a car or by train or bus. Now that air travel is so much less expensive, several destinations that one may not even think of are becoming more and more popular for travelers and vacationers all over the world. The following countries are some of the top places for travel in the past year, and some might surprise you!

South Africa

The beauty of South Africa is it’s authenticity. Not only do you have several modern cities to tour and fine cuisine to taste, but you also have the beauty of the natural wildlife, including animals you won’t see any other place in the world. There is a tremendous warmth from the local people and the culture is fascinating.


Travelers love Argentina for all sorts of reasons. The sub-tropical climate makes it a wonderful, beautiful place to get away, and the waterfalls are copious and breath taking. On the other hand, Argentina has beautiful snow packed mountains if you like to ski. Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with amazing night life and a strong beating heart.


Visiting the Philippines is a favorite experience by many due to the friendliness of the local people and the beauty of the ocean. The local people are known to invite tourists into their homes and voluntarily give information about the culture. The beach is a very popular destination for surfers and those who love water sports.

Czech Republic

Known for it’s stunning architecture and delicious foods, the Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. Several people visit the country by itself, but it’s a favorite for those who want to visit several other European destinations. The country has over 2000 Chateaus, more than any other country in the world per square kilometre!


This may sound like a more common favorite destination, but many say that Tahiti is the most beautiful country in the world. The colors, the beaches, the serenity give it top rating and it’s one of the top ‘wished for’ places to visit in a lifetime.


If you’re visiting South Africa, you should definitely take the time to visit Zambia, a beautiful neighbor which is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Filled with peaceful, friendly people, Zambia is a cultural experience many enjoy.


Vibrant and culturally overwhelming, India is one of the best places to go to experience fine culture, wonderful cuisine, and absolute beauty. The people of India are extremely friendly and inviting, and their architecture is amazing. Of course, one of the most amazing things to see is a beautiful live tiger in the wild. A proud, vivacious country, India is a traveler’s gem.


Indonesia is a popular place for tourist who visit New Zealand and Australia. It’s comprised of over 60,000 beautiful islands to surf, swim and relax.


Not many places are more beautiful than a country in the middle of the Mediterranean. With architecture older than the Egyptian pyramids, Malta is a beautiful destination which traveler’s never forget.


People don’t think of Croatia as a tourist destination but it’s becoming more and more popular. A small country with huge diversity, Croatia is like Europe and the Mediterranean combined. Great food, great wine, great people- it’s truly a beautiful place to visit.

Although some of the travel destinations above might not seem like typical places to visit for a vacation, each of them are precious places that travelers from all over the world cherish and love. Each should be enjoyed and experienced by anyone who wants to see the world.

The Best Destination for a Wedding

Are you looking for a perfect heaven on earth to utter the two most crucial and important words that will change your life? Every body wants the best place and most beautiful moment to say “I DO”. With the backdrop of blue waters kissing the white sand, and fresh breeze there could be no better place than a beach wedding to make the most special moment most beautiful and picture perfect than any.

Planning a beach wedding may sound exiting, but to begin with, it starts from choosing the right destination. One of the best beaches that one can think for a wedding as well as perfect get away is Seychelles. Called as the republic of Seychelles, it is an island country. Comprising of a cluster of 115 islands Seychelles is situated in Africa, to the northeast of Madgascar. With a small population of about 84000 only the island extends to 1500 km.

The best getaway during winter, the temperature varies from 24 to 30 °C. There is hardly much fluctuation in temperature, excepting a little humidity. Between the month of July to August the temperature is the coolest and drops to 24 degree Celsius. Besides, being situated in the non-cyclonic belt, Seychelles usually does not experience high winds.

This tectonically formed archipelago cluster of Seychelles is a major tourist destination. Its warm tropical climate, serene beaches, clear blue water is most relaxing. It offers the best conditions for swimming, diving snorkeling etc. besides, you can also go for bird watching ( if you plan your trip between April to October), hiking, surfing and wind surfing, sailing etc.

There are many forests in the different islands, which have interested tourists. Besides, the giant tortoise of Aldabra Islands is one of the largest tortoises in the world. The rich and rare flora and fauna makes Seychelles stand apart. This island located in the Indian Ocean makes one of the most exotic location al round the year. Those who love tranquility can prefer to stay in cottages and private houses near the beach. Thus you can have you own home all by yourself to enjoy nature at its best.

There are also a number of hotels that offer good stay and facilities. The cuisine and culture has an English and French influence. For sea food lovers, Seychelles offers a range of delights.

With the best of hotels and a wide choice of accommodation types, untouched and pristine environment, absolutely warm water and beach with smooth unruffled water, can you ask for a better wedding venue and better way to begin your life?

Advantages Of Homestays Over Hotels

Missing the sense of living in a home in hotels? Have you started to think that living in hotels has become too mainstream. Well then Homestays are the best option for you. With a sense of living right at your home in a new city to which you are traveling, homestays are a very good option to consider.

What is Homestay?

Homestay is basically a form of lodging where travelers get to live in a person’s home living in the locality to which you are traveling to. They may be free of costs at times or they may be something like a home exchange which has close meaning to student exchanges.

Why is it better than Hotels?

Nowadays living in a hotel is what everyone does. But, does it give you the satisfaction of really going to the place and enjoying it to the fullest? Not really. That is why now people are shifting attention to other options like Homestays.

They give you the comfort of home in a tourist spot:

  • You get to have the experience of the local lifestyle.
  • What better place to enjoy the local cuisine than at the place of a person living in that area for years.
  • It gives you a taste of local culture.
  • They save on costs of hotels at times.
  • You get to make connections with the local people of different class/ culture within that one stay.
  • Staying in a friendly and family kind of environment

Even though the Estate stays are cheaper and gives you a home type of feeling, last minute cancellations on the host part or some other minor problems may be troublesome and difficult to handle during your tour.

While searching for homestays the main aim should not be just finding an accommodation to live in but it should be more of an experience which you get when you stay at a local person’s home. It is an experience worth having in your lifetime. You get to know people, their lifestyle as mentioned above, but above all you get to know the type of people who live in that area. If the place is surrounded by trees, is situated near a forest or is close to places where natural beauty can be seen in the locality then all this makes your stay more magical and amazing.

Tourists always find it difficult to firstly find an accommodation and then find the places to visit in the locality once they do that. Then they end up spending money on guides, maps and whatnot. But if you find an accommodation at a Homestay, then you can have the first hand experience of traveling to local tourist spots from your host. Your host can tell you all about the best place to eat, to shop, to see etc.

All this can be enjoyed by you if opt out of staying in hotels which don’t give you the benefits of living like Homestays and prefer estate stays over them.

Happy travelling with Homestay.

Effective Ways to Save Money on Hotel Booking

In today’s era when everything has become globally expanded and worldwide organizations are running an extra mile to serve communities across the earth, traveling have become more important than ever. Hence, people have started to consider voyaging as a daily part of life to either solve the business purposes or to have a break from all the stress. In both cases, finding an accommodation that can suit your requirements, budget and timing has become a major crisis and you all must be wondering on how to save those extra bucks on accommodation while traveling to an unknown place. To answer that question, this article has come up with the most amazing ideas after consulting the expert travelers and researching through the market to give you a final conclusion of effective ways to save money while booking a hotel. So, check out the list below and make your escapes much more affordable and enjoyable at the same time:

1. Timing is the Key

No matter what you do, the perfect timing covers the half way towards your success and when you are planning a vacation, it is really important as you might get caught-up in either hefty demand or a time when everything is closed. It is always important to keep on looking for the deals months before to ensure you get the perfect prices as per your season or take the chance for making a last minute search to get the cancelled rooms at an affordable price. Also, by perfect timing, we mean to plan your vacation in the season that is neither on the peak, nor on the off when we speak of tourism and ensure you get it all with perfect weather conditions, less demand and more fun.

2. Comparing for Best Deals

Most of the people these days go for the giant agencies or the trusted agents to get their bookings done and mostly end-up paying more for putting their trust in wrong hands. It is often advised by the expert travelers to always compare the prices between travel agencies and hotel groups to find the best quote and get the bookings done after finding what is best suitable for your trip. There are an abundant number of reputed as well as start-up travel agencies that allow you to book your hotel accommodation on seasonal sale, special discount and other offers exclusively available in the market to outshine others and give you a dream getaway you always wanted.

3. Looking for Less Prominent Locations

Hotel accommodations located near the prominent sites and attractions are costlier than the hotels and resorts located in other parts of the city. Whereas the prominent locality may give you the edge of exploring the attractions with a few blocks of walking, the hotels located farther are willing to offer you more at lower prices to get your attention as well as to give you the finest quality of stays. Hotels near the biggest landmarks and prime localities are often found packed throughout the seasons and require advance booking procedure which also pays a big contribution in higher prices. If you book your hotel room in places that are a little away from these major sites and are located at less prominent places, you will surely find some quality accommodation at lower plans.

4. Use of Memberships

While paying or at the time of booking, we often forget to take other sources into account which can be more beneficial for us and often miss the opportunity to save a little extra while booking a hotel stay. These days, when organization is racing to get your attention and business from you, they also give you some privilege of getting cash-backs, discounts and other perks and leverages while using their special and exclusive membership options. Many banks and card companies these days give some special offers while collaborating with the travel agencies and give some cash-back as well as discounts on transaction of a certain minimum amount. Usage of these offers can also give you some extra benefits to ensure some more savings on the hotel booking.

5. Find what you Actually Require

In the hunger of finding the best accommodation option, we often lean towards finding hotel deals that provide it all and often pay more for services and amenities that we don’t really required. Before making your hotel booking with B&B, All Inclusive and half-board options, always sort your requirements and think accordingly whether you will be needing those services or not. It is quite obvious that the more services you add on your hotel room, the more you are going to pay. Hence, always book for the things you require and try to avoid those services that you might use and can get them if required as an add-on.

Whenever you plan a holiday for yourself or with friends, you can come up with many more options such as finding hostels, couch surfing (not for every destination), finding a person you know and more, yet these concepts are not worthy when you are either on an executive trip or on a holiday with your family or loved ones. So, if you have been thinking for going on your next vacation and taking a step back on your decision after watching hefty hotel prices, then all you need now is to effectively go through these points and consider them all before making your hotel booking to save a good fortune. However, if you have been thinking to save a little extra, you can always search for some seasonal offers on flights as well.