4 Of the Best Destinations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is not short on beautiful destinations ideal for luxury holidays. In fact, 5 star Caribbean hotels have long proven popular all over the region, and you have many options to choose from. But which destination is right for you? There are so many spectacular locations that it can be hard to decide, so here is a guide to four of the best when you are planning your exotic luxury break.

1. Barbados

If you want to enjoy all the wonders of the Caribbean in a more developed setting, Barbados is one of the best destinations you can choose. It has all the attractions of other Caribbean destinations, including world-class beaches, wonderful weather and stunning scenery, but it is also one of the most developed islands. That means if you want to stay in paradise while enjoying all the home comforts you are used to, this is a great option.

The 5 star Caribbean hotels on Barbados are stunning, especially those found in the luxury resorts on the west and south coast of the island. Inland, the scenery is lush, and the charming colonial buildings, fascinating museums and botanic gardens make the towns well worth exploring. For adventure, head over to the east coast where water sports like surfing and diving are popular, or head inland for some hiking.

2. Grenada

Grenada may have suffered following Hurricane Ivan in 2004, but it has since rebuilt and it is once again a fabulous destination for anyone looking for a luxury Caribbean break. Choose from one of the 5 star Caribbean hotels here and you will find yourself on an island with noticeably fewer visitors than other islands in the area, which makes it even more special.

The rainforest interior is great for exploring, the beaches are perfect for relaxing, and the scuba diving is incredible. Visit St George’s, the largest town, and stroll along its stunning waterfront. Or get away from it all and head out to the islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique where the pace of life is slow and relaxing.

3. Anguilla

Still relatively undiscovered by tourist hoards, Anguilla offers a five-star retreat of amazing hotels and stunning scenery, albeit without as much development as other islands. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a more relaxing break with fewer crowds. Its charms lie in its beaches, its delicious cuisine and its relaxing vibe, making it the perfect destination for taking it easy.

4. St Lucia

Mountainous St Lucia boasts a lush jungle interior along with a number of volcanoes, and it’s perfect for hiking enthusiasts. As well as chilling out on the beach, highlights include visiting Pigeon Island National Park in the north, exploring Castries, seeing the Pitons and heading beneath the waves for some spectacular scuba diving.

Choose from the Best Destinations

These four destinations are some of the best you will find in this wonderful region. However, when you are choosing 5 star Caribbean hotels, there are many more than these options. Do some research and choose the tropical destination that is just right for your luxury escape.

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