Best Destinations For a Cruise in This Summer 2010

Choosing a destination for a cruise in this summer 2010 can be very hard and confusing. The world is filled with so many beautiful places, and you could have chosen to travel round the world if budget is not a consideration. Of course, there is a world cruise that takes you to all the most beautiful places around the world. This is not the option for everybody, though, because a world cruise tour can break the bank and can take several months to completion.

If you are confused about which destination to choose for your cruise in this summer 2010, here is the much needed information you need to make the appropriate choice:

• The Mediterranean Cruise – the Mediterranean area is the perfect cruise for history, art and architecture aficionados. You get to visit the center of the Renaissance, such as Venice, Florence, Spain, Rome and Turkey. Nothing beats seeing the historical art and monuments you see in the flesh. The Mediterranean boasts a rich culinary background, too.

• Alaskan Cruise – Alaska is truly the land of extremes. It offers the most splendid natural scenery, icy climate and wildlife all infused into one. Alaska continues to mesmerize its tourists, a place most people dream of visiting again and again.

• Caribbean Cruise – for beach lovers, the Caribbean Cruise is your best choice. Visit the exotic islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, and more. Get captivated by the spectacular Caribbean beaches, with its clear aqua waters, fine white sand and ample sunshine. First time cruisers especially are recommended to try a Caribbean cruise in this summer 2010.

• Antarctica Cruise – not many people see Antarctica as a summer destination, but why not give this place a try to see the beauty of its nature, through its glaciers and icebergs? Witness the penguins in their natural habitat, among other creatures like polar bears, sea lions and whales. A cruise to Antarctica can be quite expensive, and ceases operation during months March to September.

• Disney Cruises – Kids will love this family oriented cruise line! Families will have their most memorable moments in here, interacting with their favorite Disney characters. There are youth clubs for children to join, age appropriate programs from kids 3 months to 17 years old! Adults can have their own fun to, for they can join lounges and night clubs or rejuvenate at Disney’s state of the art spa and fitness facilities.

• French Polynesian Cruises – Honeymooners who want peace and privacy will love the French Polynesian islands. You get to visit islands like Bora Bora, Tahiti, Papeete and Moorea. The cruise experience is more mellow, less crowded and much more intimate. You can enjoy fun activities like fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

• Hawaiian Cruises – Another popular destination is Hawaiian cruises. You get to visit the islands such as Kauai and Maui, and experience the total Hawaiian culture and the charming Hawaiian people. Visit their beautiful reefs, black sand beaches, and experience the bohemian lifestyle in Hawaii. On board, you interact with traditional Hawaiian parties and celebrations, like luaus. The best thing is, Hawaiian cruises are generally less expensive as compared to other cruises.