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Picturesque, untamed and culturally diverse, Malawi is a fascinating tourist destination that is dominated by the third largest freshwater lake on the African continent. Rich in culture, wildlife, arts & crafts and scenic beauty that varies from the hot, tropical low-lying Great Rift Valley to the majestic Shire Highlands, Malawi has retained its rituals, rites of passage and traditions creating a quintessential African experience untouched by the passage of time.

Lying in the landlocked embrace of Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique in south east Africa, Malawi is easily accessed by air. There are regular direct flights from London, Johannesburg, Nairobi and other international destinations to Lilongwe International Airport. Boasting two World Heritage Sites, eight national parks and game reserves and a variety of environments based on the diverse topography of the country, Malawi is the ideal destination for adventure seekers and offers a consummate array of outdoor activities.

Malawi Adventure Activity Guide

Explore the golden beaches, granite outcrops and clear waters of Lake Malawi in an assortment of lake based activities that include kayaking, snorkelling, water skiing, sailing, diving or simply chilling in the hot tropical sun.

Interact with the people of Malawi in an intriguing cultural experience, where you’ll learn about the traditions, rituals, dance, music and arts & crafts of some of the most welcoming folk in Africa.
Experience the rarity of ancient rock art ascribed to the Stone Age farmers and BaTwa hunter gatherers of the region at the Chongoni Rock Art Area, one of two resident UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Spot rare and vibrantly coloured endemic and migratory bird species in guided bird watching safaris, where, if you are really lucky, you may spot an entire nursery of juvenile bee eaters departing the traditional breeding grounds.

Grab your hook, line and sinker and head for superior fishing at Lake Malawi, a World Heritage Site and one of the Great Lakes of Africa that is home to more species of fish than any other stretch of fresh water on earth!

Get up close and personal with Africa’s legendary wildlife, where enhanced conservation efforts and the re-stocking of game reserves have elevated the authenticity and exhilaration of a truly wild game viewing experience.

Delve into the tropical forests, explore the pristine bush, gallop along the shores of the lake or pop in to a local village on horseback on one of many horse riding day tours or holiday packages.

Peddle through national parks, along forest tracks or around secluded islands on a cycling safari, where picturesque scenery is a constant companion.