Mauritius: The Best Destination for Your Vacation!

Whichever time you choose to visit Mauritius, you will be enjoying the best weather conditions and all the fun one can expect on a luxury travel tour. In Mauritius, the summer season starts from November and stays till April and then winter spreads its wings from May and ends in October. It is better to visit Mauritius during the summer time so that you can enjoy each of the islands and beaches of Mauritius in the best possible way without worrying for too much cold or heat. The expected daytime temperatures in Mauritius beaches remain around of 300 Celsius to 80 degrees Fahrenheit while you will face light sea breezes.

The best time to travel in Mauritius is considered as the period during the months of December and January. In March, one can expect some cyclones to occur. Although if you are looking for the cheapest option to visit Mauritius, then you should wait till April as the tickets to Mauritius are least expensive during the month of April. The general weather conditions of Mauritius are such that anyone from any part of the world could enjoy themselves as they visit Mauritius. Mauritius is situated very close to the tropic of Capricorn and that is why the heat during the summer never reaches extremes and you can easily endure it while enjoying the fun of the trip to Mauritius.

A wide range of high class Mauritius resorts and hotels remain open throughout the year to welcome the tourists while offering them the best customer services along with a thorough assistance to make the tour to Mauritius unforgettable. Some of the very famous Hotels of Mauritius are Saint Geran, Le Touessrok, Le Prince Maurice, The Beachcomber hotels like The Royal Palm, Dinarobin and Four Seasons Hotel. The customer services are of very high standards and it is evident from the fact that the ratio of customers to employers is 1:2 in most of these resorts and hotels.

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