Ramnagar and Pauri, Best Destinations for a Perfect Holiday in Uttarakhand

Ramnagar is a picturesque location in the Nainital district. It is situated on the banks of the river Kosi. People come here to travel on to the Jim Corbett National Park and also to show their devotion at the temples present here. The temple of Garjiya Devi and goddess Sita attract locals and tourists alike. This town has quite a historical significance from the time of the epic Mahabharata. During the British Raj there used to be tea gardens here which are no longer in operation. Travellers who come here can go to Nainital to see the sights and the sounds.

Some however simply make a sojourn in this beautiful region after visiting the world famous national park. The resorts in Ramnagar are not lacking in beautiful panoramic view or in the best in the hospitality industry. They are equipped with everything a person requires to make the stay pleasurable and memorable as well. It is very well connected through both the roadways and the railroads. This makes reaching here a simple piece of cake. If you have the adventurous streak in you then simply stay in the fishing camps and pass your time with the laidback activity of angling.

The resorts in Ramnagar are all ideal for your spending budget. Select accommodations based on the locations and the room rent. There are numerous holiday inns and like accommodations to choose from having a rating of 1-5. However during the peak tourist seasons it is always advisable to get your bookings done prior to coming here. This will save you lot of harassment especially when you are travelling in groups. The best time in the year when one should visit Ramnagar is during the months of November to the middle of June. People from the surrounding states think of it as a weekend destination where they can recharge their flagging energy and get back to work.

Pauri is located at a distance of around 243 kilometers. It is another scenic location in Uttarakhand and a darling with the tourists coming here. The weather in this part remains pleasant all through the year round. So coming here anytime is a treat. At Pauri one can get a panoramic view of a number of majestic Himalayan peaks. So keep your binoculars ready or even take in the scene with your naked eyes. Nanda Devi, Trisul, Bandar Poonch and Kedarnath are only some of these.

The Pauri hotels increase your enjoyment of the stay in these parts. When you are looking for some of the best destinations in Uttarakhand which can constitute a perfect holiday for you and your family Pauri and Ramnagar is truly a good choice. These are traveller friendly destination and are the gateway to some of the hotspots in this beautiful state. The Pauri hotels are spacious and fitted with all the modern facilities that one may expect. The food is delicious and you can sample some of the indigenous dishes from this part of the country along with the usual fare.