The Best Destination for a Wedding

Are you looking for a perfect heaven on earth to utter the two most crucial and important words that will change your life? Every body wants the best place and most beautiful moment to say “I DO”. With the backdrop of blue waters kissing the white sand, and fresh breeze there could be no better place than a beach wedding to make the most special moment most beautiful and picture perfect than any.

Planning a beach wedding may sound exiting, but to begin with, it starts from choosing the right destination. One of the best beaches that one can think for a wedding as well as perfect get away is Seychelles. Called as the republic of Seychelles, it is an island country. Comprising of a cluster of 115 islands Seychelles is situated in Africa, to the northeast of Madgascar. With a small population of about 84000 only the island extends to 1500 km.

The best getaway during winter, the temperature varies from 24 to 30 °C. There is hardly much fluctuation in temperature, excepting a little humidity. Between the month of July to August the temperature is the coolest and drops to 24 degree Celsius. Besides, being situated in the non-cyclonic belt, Seychelles usually does not experience high winds.

This tectonically formed archipelago cluster of Seychelles is a major tourist destination. Its warm tropical climate, serene beaches, clear blue water is most relaxing. It offers the best conditions for swimming, diving snorkeling etc. besides, you can also go for bird watching ( if you plan your trip between April to October), hiking, surfing and wind surfing, sailing etc.

There are many forests in the different islands, which have interested tourists. Besides, the giant tortoise of Aldabra Islands is one of the largest tortoises in the world. The rich and rare flora and fauna makes Seychelles stand apart. This island located in the Indian Ocean makes one of the most exotic location al round the year. Those who love tranquility can prefer to stay in cottages and private houses near the beach. Thus you can have you own home all by yourself to enjoy nature at its best.

There are also a number of hotels that offer good stay and facilities. The cuisine and culture has an English and French influence. For sea food lovers, Seychelles offers a range of delights.

With the best of hotels and a wide choice of accommodation types, untouched and pristine environment, absolutely warm water and beach with smooth unruffled water, can you ask for a better wedding venue and better way to begin your life?