The Best Destination Spots to Experience the Ultimate Adventure in Australia

Do you want to experience a fun and exciting Adventure in Australia? This country is filled with some of the best destination spots in the entire world, and you will find yourself immersed in a wonderful lifestyle and plenty of hot attractions. In this article, you will learn about some of the top most visited destination spots in all of Australia that will guarantee you an experience of a lifetime.

Great Barrier Reef

Did you know that this wonderful and breathtaking part of the Earth is located right in Queensland, Australia? It is truly one of the best parts in all of Australia to experience. Take a dive here or take a small jet just to see what it looks like from above. This is the world’s largest natural feature in all of Earth, so it is worth the visit. Millions make their way around this reef on a yearly basis, and it should be the first thing on your list to visit once you get to Australia.

Mount Feathertop

During the winter time, why not get into skiing in the area. Mount Feathertop has a really nice set of slopes that are meant for the advanced skiers, but you can expect to see some basic routes, as well. It is definitely a great feeling to experience being at the top of the world. If you would like to try out a different way to get to the top, Mountain Feathertop is the place to be.

Cape York, Queensland

This area is known for being the top end of Australia. This place is known for offering sheer beauty to the world, and if you want to see the top of the Country in a whole new way, this is the place to be. There are so many people who don’t know how beautiful it really is to be up there. This part of Queensland offers so many cool activities for people of all ages, so your children won’t get bored when you finally reach the top spot. Some of these activities include: fishing from the local wharf, hire boats, helicopter scenic and charter flights, horse trail riding, Lockerbie tours, charter sunset cruises, croc spotting tours, and Cape York Tip tours.

Movie World

Movie World is a famous theme park located in Gold Coast, Australia. This theme park is very similar to Universal Studios, but they take their ideas to a whole new level with some great rides and attractions. Known for their roller coasters and thrill rides, anybody looking to enjoy an exciting day with the family should consider going here. One of their latest rides is the Arkham Asylum Coaster that allows you to dangle your feet at more than 50 MPH. It’s a brand new ride and guarantees a fun time with your friends and family.

Sea Cliffs of West Cape Howe

Rock climbing is known for being a wonderful activity, and Australia has some great hotspots to get you the most fun while rock climbing. Sea Cliffs has wonderful opportunities available for tourists, and you will find yourself having a blast in this place. There are some people who make sure to fly to Australia just to experience these amazing cliffs. The difficulty to climb high is hard, and that is why many people don’t go so far.

RnR White Water River Rafting

If you personally enjoy being in the water, then white water river rafting is a great thing worth trying out. Located right in Queensland, the RnR White Water River Rafting company can give you the ultimate splashes and excitement with your family in a river raft. The entire experience is allowed for people within ages of 13-99. They have three different rivers for you to try and experience; Tully River, North Johnstone, and Barron River. They are all wonderful and filled with huge rocks that can bring water splashing your way.

Want to experience something different for a change? Are you ready for an adventure? The destination spots above are all for the adventurous people looking to experience doing something they aren’t used to doing. It does take a bit of courage to go out there and rock climb or go river rafting, but it is all a part of the experience. Australia is known for having some great destination spots and attractions worth seeing. Visit this cool country and visit each place above to get the most exciting, adventurous trip.